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Creative Resolution has a unique approach to helping divorcing spouses reach agreement on the issues of importance in divorce: parenting and the division of property. We are neutral professionals who foster a cooperative self-determined resolution. Creative Resolution is a multidisciplinary affiliation of legal, financial and psychological professionals trained in divorce mediation and collaborative law who have attained significant expertise in our respective disciplines as well as in the arts of mediation and collaboration. We can work individually or as a team. Our clients can readily access our experts or use their own trusted advisors. On average, both mediation and collaborative law are significantly less expensive than litigation and faster and less devastating from an emotional standpoint.

Generally, divorce mediation greatly reduces the cost of divorce, increases each spouses' participation in determining the divorce agreements, and reduces the damage to the future ongoing relationship between the parties.

Additionally, in Illinois, as of January 1st, 2007, according to law, all divorce cases must have a parenting agreement in place ninety days after the filing of the original petition for divorce or the court is mandated to refer the case for mediation (in all but a rare number of instances.) Mediation is a vastly preferable alternative to waging battle in court or settling the issues under pressure on the steps of the courthouse.

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